To assist with social distancing and provide contactless interactions, we have made our paper forms digital! 
We ask that ALL patients complete the digital forms by clicking on the link Patient Forms link below.

For our patients under 18 (Child)  please complete forms 1 & 2. 
Adults (18 and older) will complete forms 3 & 4.  
Ortho patients will complete the Ortho COVID-19 Questionnaire form 5.
We know that forms can be cumbersome but they are necessary in providing complete care. 

We have worked very hard to streamline our forms and make them as easy as possible.  You can complete them on any device at your convenience we just ask that you submit completed forms at least 24 hours prior to the visit.

We will allow families bringing in more than one child on the same day to complete the child form 1 "just once" as a family form and list the other children being seen . 

However,  each child will still need their own form 2 as it is a medical history and pertains to them individually.

Many working families rely on relatives to help by bringing the children to their appointments.  Smiles supports this, however, please keep in mind that we will need written permission from the legal guardian (s) to discuss the child's health, ask questions and gather information during the visit.

We are encouraging patients old enough to come in to the visit on their own . If this is not possible, we will allow ONE adult to accompany the child.  Anyone entering the building are required to wear a mask, take their temperature and sanitize their hands.

We ask that the Legal Guardian please complete the "In the Absence of a Legal Guardian or Parent" permission form below and provide it at the time of the appointment to avoid rescheduling. 

Patient Forms for all dental appointments.   

Other Forms


*These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Adobe logo above to download.